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Loon by Country Artists
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Loon Figurine by Country Artists

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 Birthstone Bird Figurine #8 - August   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine #7 - July   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine --- November   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine ---- December   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine #3 - March   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine #2 - February   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine #9 - September   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine -- October   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine #6 - June   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine #4 - April   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine #5 - May   12/24/2014 
 Birthstone Bird Figurine #1 - January   12/24/2014 
 Foundations - Christening Figurine, Mother and Baby   01/21/2015 
 Foundations - Mother and Daughter Figurine   01/21/2015