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We are an online shopping site featuring many gift items and collectibles. We feature art glass, pottery, paperweights, animal figurines, angel figurines, bath and body products, Benaya Ceramic art tiles, candles, Charming Tales mice, Cherished Teddies, Circle of Love, Cremation Urns, Designer Umbrellas, Elfins by Wise, Fairies, Home Grown, Picture Frames, Judaica, Jim Shore, Our Name Is Mud mugs, Speed Freaks, Snowbabies, WhimsiClay cats and much more.

Benaya Ceramic Art Music Tile
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Sunshine Songs Art Tile From Benaya

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 Upcoming Products   Date Expected 
 Speed Freaks Car Figurine - Rat   09/17/2014 
 Foundations Figurine - Anniversary Couple Dancing   10/08/2014 
 Suzy Toronto Mug - Chocolate, Behind Every Successful Woman   11/07/2014 
 Memo Cube - Pretending To Be Normal, Suzy Toronto   11/07/2014 
 Suzy Toronto Mug - Plan B   11/07/2014 
 Memo Cube - Chocolate, Suzy Toronto   11/07/2014 
 Journal - Life Is All About How You Handle Plan B   11/07/2014 
 Memo Cube - Hissie Fit, Suzy Toronto   11/07/2014 
 Suzy Toronto Mug - Pretending To Be Normal   11/07/2014 
 Suzy Toronto Mug - Group of Wacky Women   11/07/2014 
 Journal - Color Outside The Lines, Suzy Toronto   11/07/2014 
 Journal - Wonderful Wacky Woman, Suzie Toronto   11/07/2014 
 Cat Clock - Meow Time Cat Clock   11/20/2014 
 Foundations - Crafting Friendship Figurine   11/24/2014 
 Home Grown Veggie Animal Figurine - Banana Pepper Dolphin   11/24/2014 
 Home Grown Veggie Animal Figurine - Potato Manatee   11/24/2014 
 Home Grown Veggie Animal Figurine - Acorn Squash Sea Turtle   11/24/2014 
 Home Grown Veggie Animal Figurine - Papaya Pig   11/24/2014 
 Home Grown Veggie Animal Figurine - Cauliflower Sheeplets   11/24/2014 
 Home Grown Veggie Animal Figurine - Banana Dachshund, Standing   11/24/2014 
 Home Grown Veggie Animal Figurine - Pear Penguin   11/24/2014 
 Home Grown Veggie Animal Figurine - Eggplant Panda   11/24/2014 
 Foundations Figurine - Graduation Girl   12/05/2014 
 Foundations Figurine - Granddaughter   12/05/2014 
 Our Name Is Mud - You Are Loved Heart Mug   12/08/2014 
 Teapot - You Are Loved Tea Pot by Lorrie Veasey   12/08/2014