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Art Glass

Blown Glass Art, Paperweights, Hearts, Hanging Ornaments, Perfume Bottles

Featuring contemporary hand blown glass art work by leading glass artists. Glass collection includes vases, plates and platters, paperweights, hanging ornaments, frog sculptures, perfumes, jewelry and miniature crystal buildings. Most glass items are signed.

Glass Hearts l Hanging Ornaments l Miniature Buildings l Paperweightsl Perfume Bottles

Paperweight - Prestige Glass, Pink Snakeskin
     $49.50  More Info
Paperweight - Prestige Glass, Red Snakeskin
     $49.50  More Info
Paperweight - Prestige Glass, Yellow Snakeskin
     $49.50  More Info
Paperweight - Roger Mays - Sulfide
     $44.00  More Info
Paperweight - Schuster Glass Dichroic Copper Lily
     $128.00  More Info
Paperweight - Schuster Glass Dichroic on Black
     $76.50  More Info
Paperweight - Schuster Glass Dichroic Teal and White
     $78.00  More Info
Paperweight - Schuster Glass Holo-Dichroic Lily, Magenta
     $128.00  More Info
Paperweight - See More Glass - Magnum Dichroic Accents
  $59.99  More Info
Paperweight - South Jersey Millville Cross/Crown
     $140.00  More Info
Paperweight - St. Clair Type - Floral Magnum
     $140.00  More Info
Paperweight - St. Louis - Blue Faceted
     $165.00  More Info
Paperweight - St. Mary's, Ohio Compliment Frit Weight
     $49.00  More Info
Paperweight - Val St. Lambert Zodiac Rock - Taurus
     $45.00  More Info
Paperweight - Zellique - Magnum Aquatic
     $129.00  More Info
Red Fish on Blue Moon Frit - Townsend Associates
  $75.00  More Info
Scandinavian Smoked Glass Vase with Sea Gulls and Waves
     $35.00  More Info
Thingwold Glass Lady Sculpture - Emotional Love
  $263.50  More Info
Townsend Glass Perfume - Dragon
     $87.00  More Info
Valerie Beck Contemporary Glass Floral Vase
     $400.00  More Info
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01.Held Glass Heart - Blue Poppy
02.Held Glass Heart - Floral Bouquet Series Cobalt Heart, Large
03.Held Glass Heart - California Poppy, Red - Large
04.Held Glass Heart - Floral Bouquet Heart, Cobalt
05.Euport Perfume - Blue and Red Blend
06.Held Glass Perfume - Iridized Amber Pull-Feather Design
07.Eastern Glass Bowl - Venezia Bowl
08.Eastern Glass Vase - Athena
09.Euport Glass - Candleholder, Brown Marble
10.Euport Glass - Kozlowski Black and White Zebra Bowl