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Pot Bellys Miniature Boxes

Animal and Historical People Pot Belly Figurine Boxes

Standing two inches tall, Pot Bellys are carved, cast, and crafted with minute attention to detail and house secret compartments for tiny mementos. They are miniature renditions of the animal kingdom, American Presidents, kings and queens, statesmen and scientists, artists and philosophers...those who have shaped our existence.
These mini Pot Bellys fit in the palm, and are handheld treasures of unimaginable delight.

Animal Pot Bellys l Historical People Pot Bellys

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01.Pot Belly Miniature Box - Abraham Lincoln, President
02.Pot Belly Miniature Box - Bird - Barn Owl
03.Pot Belly Miniature Box - Ben Franklin, Scientist
04.Pot Belly Miniature Box - Bird - Short-Ear Owl
05.Pot Belly Miniature Box - Bird - Pygmy Owl
06.Pot Belly Miniature Box - Bird - Screech Owl
07.Pot Belly Miniature Box - Bird - Spotted Owl
08.Pot Belly Miniature Box - William Shakespeare, Playwright
09.Pot Belly Miniature Box - Edgar Allen Poe, Author
10.Pot Belly Miniature Box - Bird - Boreal Owl