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Pot Belly Miniature Box - Turkey, Gobbles


Description: Gobbles, Turkey. Mini boxes for tiny treasures.
Interior Carving: Pilgrim Hat
Measurement: 2
in h
Manufacturer: Harmony Ball
Material: Crushed Marble, with look and feel of antique ivory

Turkey Facts: 

  • Have been around for nearly ten million years.
  • Native to Northern Mexico and Eastern US.
  • Domesticated in Mexico and brought to Europe in 16th century.
  • In England, 200 years ago, walked to market in herds and wore booties to protect feet. Henry VIII first English king to enjoy turkey and Edward VII made turkey eating fashionable at Christmas.
  • Ben Franklin proposed turkey as the official US bird.
  • Males called toms. Females called hens. Babies called poults.
  • Males gobble. Hens do not. Instead they make clicking noise. Gobbling turkeys can be heard a mile away on a quiet day.
  • Hunted by Native Americans. Feathers used to stabilize arrows and adorn ceremonial dress. Spurs on toms legs used as projectiles on arrowheads.
  • Can fly up to 55 mph for short distances. Can run 20 mph.
  • Commercially raised turkeys cannot fly.
  • In the wild, spend night in trees. Especially like oak trees.
  • See in color but do not see well at night.
  • Have very good hearing.
  • Heads change color when excited.
  • Can have heart attacks. US Air Force did test runs and broke sound barrier. Nearby turkeys dropped dead from heart attacks.
  • Heaviest turkey ever raised 86 lbs. Domesticated male turkey can reach weight of 30 lbs. within 18 weeks after hatching.
  • Wild turkeys almost wiped out in early 1900's.
  • Today found in every U.S. state except Alaska.
  • Since 1947, National Turkey Federation has presented a live turkey to the President. The President does not eat it. He "pardons" it and allows it to live out its days on a historical farm.
  • 97% or Americans surveyed by National Turkey Federation eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Today growers produce nearly one turkey for every person in the US.

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 March, 2010.
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