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Art Tiles

Benaya Ceramic Art Tiles - Allan and Michael Menashy

Handcrafted wall tiles, trivets, coasters. Strinkingly colorful tiles are hand painted and fired with brilliantly colored and complex glazes. They feature florals, wine collections, music themes, women, beautiful scenic tiles, buildings, waterfront scenes, animals and fish. Large tiles come with a velvet back and hook for hanging, trivets and coasters come with a hook and pull-out stand for display on a desk or mantelpiece. 

Animals l Floral l Miscellaneous l MusicScenic l WaterWomen l Wine


Animal Art Tiles - Wildlife Best Friends, Cats and Dogs Born To Be Free, Birds
By The Sea Art Tiles Christmas Art Tiles Classic Cars
Coasters Flower Garden Art Tiles In The Pasture, Horses
Music Art Tiles Natures Beauty, Butterflies Reflections, Fish Tiles
Sandy Clough Tile Scenic, Through The Fields The Old World Art Tiles
Times Gone By Art Tiles Trivets Wine - Indulgences Art Tiles
Women And Dance Art Tiles
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01.Benaya Ceramic Art Tile - Coasters, Koi Fish
02.Benaya Ceramic Art Tile - Floral - Netherland Blooms
03.Benaya Ceramic Art Tile - Floral - Poppy, Garden Crop
04.Benaya Ceramic Art Tile - Floral - Sunflower
05.Benaya Ceramic Art Tile - Times Gone By
06.Benaya Ceramic Art Tile - Bird - Blue Herons
07.Benaya Ceramic Art Tile - Butterfly, Night Monarch
08.Benaya Ceramic Art Tile - Floral - Orchid Stem
09.Benaya Ceramic Art Tile - Afternoon Tea
10.Benaya Ceramic Art Tile - Bird - Blue Heron, Solitude